is not about reinventing the wheel--we are about USING it.  In the early days of our country's founding, the COC (Committee of Correspondence) kept "We the People" informed.  This, then, is the Missouri Committee of Correspondence

MoCOC operates as a hub for several MoCOC-member political watchdog groups in Missouri to gather information Missourians should know about and then disseminates that information in a timely manner to Missouri's registered voters.  What you don't know can really hurt you, your family, your livelihood, and in all areas of your life! 


>> (E-Newspaper)

Our main concerns do change from time to time, but at the moment here are our top 4 and why they concern us (if a webpage is listed as under construction, please check back very soon--we are furiously working to provide this information to our fellow Missourians as quickly as possible!):

    1.  Promoting the adherence of anyone running for office or already in office to their state party's platform.  If you are prepared for a shocker, read them here>> (Party Betrayals)

    2.  Electing honest and principled people to office in the state of Missouri.  After you've read the state platform of your party of choice, go read what your candidates for office are feeding you.  >> (2016:  Vote Responsibly)

    3.  Stopping the corruption and game-playing in our state house in Jefferson City.  For all the latest shenanigans, read about it here >> (Making the Sausage)

    4.  Re-establish true local control of our schools (and "local control" does NOT mean state control as opposed to federal control as we have actually HEARD one state legislator SAY!).  Go here for the latest update on the school scene in Missouri >> (School May Be No Place For Kids)

It's time we start protecting ourselves with the TRUTH!  This website will help you learn the truth--"and the truth shall set you free"!

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