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From the May 20-21, 2016 Missouri Republican Party State Convention

This was the Proposed 2016 Missouri Republican Party Platform.




The national Democratic Party platform is over 50 pages long!  The index alone is 2 and 2/3rds pages long with over 90 subcategories of topics!  The preamble, meant to be the lead-in, is 2 and 1/2 pages long!  To fully understand it, what they are actually saying, and what the true consequences of what they want would be, you would be prudent to take 3 days to read and understand it all.  Here's the link if you really are a that kind of a masochist:

You may wonder why we linked you to the national party platform instead of a Missouri state platform.  Well...we presume it's because they don't have one yet?  According to our search, they were conducting "listening sessions" around the state in 2017.  We assume they're not through listening yet.

Still, at the national level, we're sure you would find at least ONE thing in it that you can agree with, at least on the surface,

as it touches on EVERY. PART. OF. YOUR. LIFE! 


Coming soon:  Libertarian, and Constitutional Party platforms

Starting to remind you of a complete shipwreck yet?