The first week of December, the state legislators "pre-file" their bills for consideration at the state Capitol in the 2019 session that begins in early January.  In 2016, we had over 2000 bills pre-filed.  Most of us failed to see where Missouri had over 2000 problems that needed a state law written to solve it because there was no other way to handle it, but we digress.  In 2017, when session began on January 3, the House members had pre-filed nearly 700 bills and the Senate members had pre-filed over 300.  The deadline for House members to file bills that can be considered for this 100th Missouri General Assembly will be March 1 and for Senate members the deadline will be March 15.  But, as of May 14, the danger will be over!  Session will end on that day, and then it will be up to the governor as to whether or not the bills that actually made it through both houses will be signed into law or not. 

When you can check the status of any of the bills we will provide the link here:

PRE-FILED BILLS FOR 2019 SESSION (link will not be available until after the first week of December, 2018)